MADE IN THE MIND was founded in 2017 and has since gone from strength to strength, continuing to build a well respected and results driven reputation as a Peak Performance Coaching Company in the UK.


Matt Young; founder of MADE IN THE MIND and a professional footballer for 8 years, has represented clubs such as Southampton FCSheffield Wednesday FC and Carlisle United FC to name a few. When his career took him into semi-professional football in 2017, Matt used his love and passion for physical fitness and the mindset approach needed to achieve high level success to embark upon the journey to empower peoples lives. His aim to create a positive lasting influence and help people create a life they truly desire has helped lead  MADE IN THE MIND to become one of the most sought after PEAK PERFORMANCE Coaching Companies around.


MADE IN THE MIND is based around a mind - body integration. 

The mind and body work as one.

To live a healthy, free, energetic and vibrant life both must be looked after.

Based around our core principles of MOVE. SHAPE. CREATE. you will learn and be coached in new ways to achieve your  highest goals and outcomes.

Our coaching methods are formed around strategies and methods from the fields of human psychology and physical fitness.


These include, but are not limited to:

  • Behavioural habits & techniques

  • Mindset conditioning

  • Personal Movement/Exercise Plans

  • Conventional Psychological techniques (such as NLP & CBT)

  • Personal Training


PEAK PERFORMANCE isn't just living an 'ok' life.

Whether it be in your relationship, career, physical shape or outlook on life, we strive to help you achieve the highest possible potential that YOU are capable of and ultimately achieve the life you truly desire.

Through applying MADE IN THE MIND's PEAK PERFORMANCE Coaching you are able to:

  • LIVE from an outlook on life that constantly is looking to attack the day, overcome challenges and reach for higher goals.

  • SHAPE a physical body that is healthy, dynamic, free and energetic all throughout the day.

  • EXPERIENCE a relationship that exudes passion, love, intimacy and affection whenever you are together.

  • CREATE a career that you wouldn't change for the world. A meaning in life that excites you everyday to work on your highest ambitions and dreams.

  • Much more!



MADE IN THE MIND and it’s team of highly skilled, trained and professional coaches excel in coaching and training others how to achieve the highest quality of performance in both their MIND and PHYSICAL state.

We offer bespoke programs, covering a range of different areas, tailored directly to YOU.
Our approach is a personal interaction with you. All of our programs offer personal face to face sessions in which techniques and principles are learnt, goals are set and positive habits are ingrained.


Our programs are individually tailored to YOUR NEEDS.

With all programs designed around 24/7 access to your personal coach, your wildest and most ambitious goals and dreams will fast become the reality you experience**.

Take a look at our coaching programs here or please email us at matt@madeinthemind.com to find out more.

**Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.


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