Hi everyone, 

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to come to MADE IN THE MIND and looking at what we do, and how we believe we can add incredible value to your life. I completely understand having been there myself, there's always an element of uncertainty when delving into coaching, as for some reason we live in a world that holds a stigma to personal improvement and coaching in particular. It seems like a mad concept to me to think that we live in a society where if someone seeks coaching or training, then there 'must be something wrong'. It's absolutely crazy. Often there is nothing actually 'wrong', we are just trying to improve and build upon our current quality of life!


Many of us look to grow in a particular area so we are able to become greater as a person which then allows us to give more to others around us. 

Not everyone seeks coaching and training because there is something wrong.

If we are completely and brutally honest with ourselves, we all have something we could work on; don't we? Whether that may be mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, within a relationship or at work, I believe we all have something more we want to become and achieve.

It is human nature to constantly want to strive for more. If people want to label that as 'something wrong', that is their doing and I don't judge that, but for me personally, it is an exciting opportunity for me to grow and become more as a person.

From as young as 5 years old, my life centered around one goal in particular. "I want to be a footballer, I want to be a footballer". That was it, a total obsession with it. If I wasn't at school I was playing football and even then the teachers had trouble settling me down! (much to my Mum's disapproval)!

Fast forward and at the age of 18 I signed my first professional contract with Southampton F.C.

To this day it remains one of the greatest days of my life.

Although a brief outline, this gives you a small insight into the type of person I have become. 

I am someone who is deeply passionate about doing what they love, being purpose driven and wildly ambitious. 


My meaning in life is to coach, guide, advise and support others in reaching their highest goals and outcomes in all areas of their life

Scoring for Woking F.C. in the F.A Cup 2nd Round Replay against Peterborough United. 

I have experienced first hand how to set a goal, go out and achieve it - in MULTIPLE areas of my life. Whether that be a mental or physical challenge; in a relationship or at work; or in the aspect of everyday life. No matter what my current situation, I have always found the way to achieve success.


That is what I coach and train those I work with.

How to set a goal, and go out and achieve it.

It sounds so simple, yet many of us find it so difficult.

I have been fortunate enough to learn and be mentored by some of the greatest Life and Mindset Coaches around, been coached at top Premier League Football Clubs by some of the greatest managers, leaders and coaches in the world and been instructed by the UK's leading exercise fitness trainers and companies. 

At present I have amassed over 100+ professional football appearances, gained multiple qualifications and certifications in the area of psychology and physical training, and succeeded in reaching  numerous personal achievements (all of which are listed below).

I can confidently say that I know how to set your mind to a goal and achieve it - in all areas of life.

I have experienced the principles, methods and habits that are coached at MADE IN THE MIND. All of which have helped yield MONUMENTAL SUCCESS to create a life of my own visions and dreams

If you wish to contact me directly, with any further questions or queries, please do at matt@madeinthemind.com or alternatively take a look at our COACHING PROGRAMS to find out more.

Thank you and I wish you all the success on your journey,

Matt Young


Final Thoughts

I have always been obsessed by an underlying question that I am always trying to find the best answer to:


What makes that person so successful at what they do? 


Whether that be in a marriage, a job, a state of being, such as consistent happiness and joy, or even the way they physically look. I always seek earnestly to find the answers of HOW they have become that way and how they have achieved their success. I have done this for the best part of 15 years, and will do it for the next 15, and 15 after that. I have also implemented them myself, and seen the results it can produce.

I have created a life I LOVE through the principles I want to share with you. 


I am a PEAK PERFORMANCE coach in Life & Mindset Coaching, Physical Training and Group Exercise Training for a very good reason. I have the experience, knowledge, tools and proven results to be able to help yield results that people have always dreamed of; in whatever area of their life that may be.

Contact me directly at matt@madeinthemind.com or

alternatively book your INITAL FREE STARTER SESSION to find out more.


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