Life has many different avenues

To view life holistically is a great way to take stock of your current situation

To make a change however, we must be clear and concise


MADE IN THE MIND offers tailored and unique design coaching programs that enables you to achieve PEAK PERFORMANCE in your specified area of life. Abiding by our core principle, MOVE. SHAPE. CREATE., our coaching programs offer different methods of training and coaching that are specific to your goals whilst staying true to our values in how we coach.

A more fulfilled and passionate relationship, a new and exciting career, more confidence, less stress or generally a better quality of living. Become clear on what you would like to take to the next level and watch your dreams unfold.

NOTE: There is the possibility to COMBINE coaching programs, and often times, people want to be coached and trained in the mental and physical areas of their lives. This can all be discussed with your coach at your INITIAL FREE STARTER SESSION.

Programs are tailored to YOUR needs. Upon your INITIAL FREE STARTER SESSION, your coach will discuss with you your different options and choices. Coaching/Training programs are flexible in that YOU choose what suits YOU best.

The Program duration's are as follows:

  • 6 weeks

  • 3 months

  • 6 months

  • 1 year

When selecting a coaching program that is right for you; you will also have the option to choose the weekly frequency you desire.

Eg: for a Physical Training program, you will have the choice of 1,2 or 3 weekly sessions for the duration of your program.

You may wish to combine programs (which many people tend to opt for), or you may be happy with just focusing on one area at a time.

Eg: you may choose to 1x Life and Mindset Coaching session, alongside 2x Physical Training sessions per week. Depending on your current lifestyle, situation and goals, different options will be recommended to you.

Your coach will recommend a time frame for your program, but ultimately it is up to you.

For those who are new to working with us, we recommend on MOST occasions, a 6 week program.

That way you can become familiar with your coach, and vice versa. This also allows enough time to see measurable results.

The reason we do not offer ‘one-off’ sessions are simple. There is no commitment, there is no accountability, there is no way to measure results and success. 

We are deeply driven and inspired about CREATING POSITIVE LASTING CHANGE in people’s lives, not merely a motivational one off meeting.

*Please note: Alternative arrangements are made for holidays and/or other logical reasoning.

We do not advertise the cost of each program online as we do not want you to decide on a screen price but rather how much value you feel we could add to your life by working together.

Upon booking your INITIAL FREE STARTER SESSION, we would discuss initially what it is you are aiming to achieve from working together and the possibilities that you may choose.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not work with everyone we meet, sometimes due to scheduling, other times because we are not compatible. If upon initial meeting we both feel that significant progress can be made, your coach will discuss the varying prices and options that you may choose from to suit you.


N/B: Program prices vary depending on choice of program, duration and weekly frequency. WE DO NOT HARD SELL. We will provide you with all the information you need to make the choice that is right for YOU.


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