“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” Buddha - founder of buddhism

The MIND is the most powerful computer in the world. How many times have you heard this? How cliché has this phrase become?


But when you step back and actually assess what has been created through your MIND, there is no truer statement.


Your MIND has the ability to create everything you desire. The happiness, love, joy, ecstasy and passion. It also has the ability to create everything you despair. The sadness, hate, anger, depression and loneliness. 


Your MIND has the power to create your financial riches and monetary freedom, or your lack of it. It creates your loving, passionate, fulfilled marriage, or bitter divorce. It creates your warm, cosy house or apartment; your dream job, your emotional reaction to situations, the list goes on.



The power and greatness of YOUR MIND is limitless, and the great thing is, YOU CAN CONTROL every ounce of it. Think of that for the moment, what other thing in this world do you have 100% sole control over?

Here’s some of the common answers:

  • My Family

  • My Business

  • How I spend my money

  • My Career


To some extent we agree, you do. You can without question play a major role in having control of these, and gaining the outcome you desire. However, as for 100% sole control? We don’t believe so.


You don’t have complete control of your husband’s/wife’s actions when they do something completely irrational, OR you don’t have complete control when an employee of yours mistakingly documents the wrong figures and causes mayhem, OR when you’re driving home from work and your tyre blows and your forced to buy a new one there and then, OR when someone gets that job because ‘they know so and so’ and it’s ‘not about what you know, it’s about who you know’. 




What you do have control over, is the MIND. You

can CHOOSE how to react to these situations,

you can choose how to handle them, what

meaning to give, how to use it to your advantage.


The greatest gift we have, is the ability to take

100% SOLE CONTROL of our powerful Mind and

use it to create ANYTHING we could possibly



On the contrary, this Mind we possess allows us to approach

situations in a certain mind state. It allows us to feel nervous

on the first date, or apprehensive about a job interview, or

excited about an upcoming event.


How about if you could control this? How about if BEFORE that job interview, you approached it confident, driven and excited, and not nervous, twitchy and anxious.


MADE IN THE MIND Personal Mindset Coaching is a programme for anyone that wants to create a life on THEIR TERMS. 


I’m not talking about being selfish or centre of attention. I’m talking about no matter what, no matter my external surroundings or circumstances, I CHOOSE my mindset and feelings. I CHOOSE to be a vibrant, happy, energetic and driven person. I CHOOSE to be excited, joyous and passionate.


We work with people from a variety of backgrounds in this area, people who feel depressed or sad and are looking for a way to change their mind state and 'break through' the mental barrier they feel is stopping them, to city traders who are looking expand their growth in their MIND, constantly pushing for that next level and mental breakthrough.

We are all on this journey together. Your background is irrelevant. Your back story doesn’t matter.


What matters is what you going to do about it?


Whatever your current situation, there is always room for progression. There is always room for growth. Through the coaching and strategies that are taught at MADE IN THE MIND, you will be able to take 100% sole ownership of your life, SHAPE YOUR MIND to how YOU want to live and CREATE the life you love. 


We understand everyone is different. Everyone’s goals, outcomes and visions of what they want are different from the next person, and hence why we tailor our sessions YOUR individual needs. 

The integral principles behind a MADE IN THE MIND Physical Training session are half the reason we are able to get incredible results for those we work with.

“50/50 only means there’s 100 left on the table”


Our physical training sessions are sure to put you in a PEAK STATE MENTALLY and over a period of time (if you’re not currently where you want to be), a physical shape that you have always wanted.

HOWEVER, like any great partnership, one person is only as good as the other. This is where YOU come in. 

If you bring 50% and we bring 50%, we’re gonna smash this 100% yes!!!???



                                                                            You bring 100%, we bring 100%. Our promise to you is that in EVERY                                                                                              session, our trainers will provide a 100% effort, focus and concentration in                                                                                 helping you achieve your highest goals. We need you to bring the same.

                                                                             If you bring less, no matter how hard we go, and how much we push you,                                                                                     you won’t get sustainable results. You may initially see progress, but you                                                                                     won't create lasting change. You will not of expanded your mind mentally                                                                                   and inevitably, won’t achieve your desired outcome.

                                                                            This isn’t meant to be harsh, but if we are going to achieve your highest                                                                                        goals and outcomes, this is a must.

                                                                            We ARE NOT just another run of the mill PT company who are looking to                                                                                      take your business and keep it moving onto the next person.



We are deeply passionate and driven about adding incredible value in a positive way to people’s lives, and with our physical training sessions, 100% effort is paramount.

This isn’t said to scare you or seem overwhelming. There is no required level of fitness, physical state or previous levels of experience.


All it comes down to is that are you willing to bring 100%? If you are, get ready.

When we realise that EVERYTHING WE CREATE IN LIFE BOTH INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY HAS BEEN MADE IN THE MIND, we become more powerful than you would ever imagine.

These are things therefore, that you DO NOT have sole control over.

TAKE POSSESSION OF your mind, shape and cultivate your mind's state to create a life filled with joy, happiness and love.