Members of MADE IN THE MIND, have exclusive access to a private group which allows you to interact, support, connect and help inspire others along their own path to success.
Whether that will be supporting others through encouraging messages, uploading your progress to help inspire, posting goals you have already achieved to motivate or even listing future goals to remain accountable, this private group is a community, structured to breed success. 
This is a close and intimate group of people who want to achieve their own goals and also help others strive for theirs. Whether it is advice, support, inspiration or even additional knowledge you require from others, you are sure to know there is a group of individuals who are on the exact same path as you are, and aiming to achieve their highest goals possible. 

In addition, regular useful tips, strategies, ideas and practical information will be added so you are constantly able to apply and implement new habits and behaviours in order to achieve your goals

To join the members club group please visit the link below and click 'join group'. You will be accepted within 24 hrs and can begin to forge the mastermind alliance needed to help you achieve whatever it is you desire.

Please Note:

Only those who have completed or are completing a miniumum of 1 of the following list will be accepted into the members group.

  • Currently enrolling in a MADE IN THE MIND coaching program.

  • Have completed a MADE IN THE MIND coaching program within the past 12 months.

  • Have completed a minimum of 10 Group Exercise Training Classes with MADE IN THE MIND in the past 6 months.


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