relationship coaching

“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” 

morrie schwartz - American professor of sociology

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The area of our lives we are expected to master and get right every single time... Only issue; no one is ever ‘taught’ how to do it.


When we put it like that it sounds ridiculous; but think about it... You are

taught everything, from handwriting to reading, to playing golf and learning

to drive. The only thing is, no one ever taught us how to ‘relationship’.

We learnt from our parents, our guardians, our Aunties and Uncles and our

Nans and Grandads. Some of us didn’t even have that privilege and have just

learnt on the job! 

When we look at it, that’s actually nearly all of us. Even though we learnt from

our parents and guardians, how many of us were actually taught. And when you

did learn, what have you learnt? If you think about it right now, what are the

lessons you have learnt from your parents or close guardians relationships?

How to love one another passionately? How to communicate when there is an issue? How to love unconditionally? How to get put the needs of your loved one first?

These are great lessons to have learnt along the way, however unfortunately most of us learn the lessons we don’t really want to. How to NOT communicate problems and issues, how to neglect our partners needs, how to be passionate only when WE feel like it, how to use the common phrase, ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus' and think its acceptable to just move on.

It’s worth noting, near enough all of these patterns we abide by are subconscious, and being fair with ourselves, we don’t know any better. No one consciously chooses to make their partner or friend unhappy, why would you? It is only when that divorce happens, or a partner is unfaithful, or we suffer so much internally that we say NO MORE and realise we must change! We make a choice only then to really learn the lessons of what we truly want.

But how about if we could learn all these lessons BEFORE that painful life changing experience. What about it we possessed the tools and strategies that NO MATTER WHAT situation you are faced with, you have an unwavering certainty that your relationship is strong, that your love is pure and your bond is unbreakable.


Everyone is different, unique and individual in their own ways, and people have a million ways of approaching and being in a relationship. HOWEVER, the underlying principles remain the same.







If you are to visualise YOUR greatest relationship possible. Whether it be with a partner, family member or friend; how does it look? How do you feel? Is it filled with love, excitement, ecstasy and joy? How are you around your loved one? What are the types of things you do? What’s your journey together look like?

You can have all this. And more. MADE IN THE MIND coaches principles and techniques to individuals and couples, that will ensure you create a relationship you’ve always desired. By teaching certain strategies, techniques, methods and habitual behaviours, whilst tailoring the outcome to the need and want of YOUR relationship, MADE IN THE MIND has a proven record of taking relationships from its certain end, to unrivalled passion and love.










This is not a school class where we’re all going to sit with our notepads and pens and take notes and jot down what we think works! That is not it. NOR IS THIS THERAPY





You will be coached in how to put principles, actions and methods in place to erase old patterns and actions that are leading to a dysfunctional relationship and implement new ways that are going to lead to the relationship YOU have always craved.

It is worth noting, you DO NOT have to attend these coaching sessions as a couple. One of you may be further down the path of wanting change than the other, one of you may think there’s nothing wrong, or even one of you may think it’s a load of shit.

There is no denying, a couple who are willing to go 100% in together, are more likely to see quicker and more substantial results, but IT IS NOT THE BE ALL AND END ALL


By taking ownership, YOU BEGIN TO TAKE the power from the external, to the internal.


You will come to find that with taking ownership comes great freedom and joy, alongside the realisation that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE THE RELATIONSHIP YOU WANT AND DESIRE.

If you’re reading this and thinking this is all great but I actually need that partner first to be able to implement these principles, DO NOT FEAR!! 

We tailor programmes for those who haven’t YET met their partner. Again with the application of the principles and methods taught by MADE IN THE MIND's Coaches, you can ensure that you are going to leave one of our program in a different world mentally than when you arrived.


a different world internally, leads to the creation of

a different world externally.


Please note: The Relationship Coaching programs at MADE IN THE MIND are not for people who are ‘thinking about making a change’. If you are, with the upmost respect, this program isn’t for you.


It is a program designed to create change and effective possibilities in your relationship and life, and with that, comes a responsibility from you. You will need to be willing to be held accountable for your actions whether positive, neutral or negative in the knowledge that in doing so, you have already started in CREATING THE RELATIONSHIP YOU HAVE ALWAYS CRAVED.


We are passionate about creating positive effective change in people’s lives, helping them create the life they desire, none more so than in your relationship.


Create the relationship YOU DESERVE and watch your LIFE CHANGE.

The TRUE HAPPINESS in your life is determined by the quality of your relationship.


You have got the power to choose what that quality is.

There are patterns and principles that make relationships feisty, angry, stressed and low on energy, and there are patterns and principles that make relationships loving, passionate, energetic and meaningful.


This is a coaching program designed for people who want to be proactive in their life and relationship,

take control of their situation and not allow the

situation to control them!